Pasar Seni Guwang Sukawati – Bali

This is also from my last trip at Bali. Here I was at Pasar Seni Guwang Sukawati – Bali. Here I got a painting. If you like artwork like painting, just go here when you go to Bali. But I recommend you bold to bid ’cause every time you ask for price, they would give you a quite skyrocket price. But don’t worry you could bid up to third of the price, fourth or fifth if you heart it. On my trip I bought a painting that price at Rp. 250.000 at first, then I go to another seller and got a better price at Rp. 180.000. I just keep bidding until I got the painting at Rp. 100.000. Actually I could go further and bid for lower price, but I don’t heart it heheh But still, it’s a great place to find a lot of handmade and some art things. Be sure to do bid 😉

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